Xpo's new career

Since his retirement from racing in July 2021, Xpo has been on permanent loan to Felicity Stephenson at her stables in Kirkby Fleetham.  Here he started his new career competing in RoR (Retraining of Racehorses) varied disciplines, especially Showing, at a National Level.  In order to gain experience and exposure in this new equestrian field of competition, he has begun his showing career in-hand,

His first outing was to Doncaster Racing College at the Festival of the Horse Show.  Just 6 weeks out of racing, he demonstrated his amazing style and presence by winning his very first class.  In August 2021, following a personal invitation from the RoR, he took part in the Always a Star Parade for horses who had achieved a successful racing career by winning over £100,000 during their time in racing.  In true Xpo style, he held his own and looked a total professional, in no way letting on that he was a complete novice in this discipline.  He then went to the British Elite Horse Show at Arena UK in Grantham and again won his in-hand class, receiving his first ever red sash.  However, all these experiences and successes so far, are only a beginning.

An experienced rider, Felicity has been showing, both ridden and in hand, with RoR for several years and has always made the National Championship finals.  She is now ready to do the same with Xpo and aim high within the showing world.  With the help of her step-father, Anthony McGilligan, an ex-jockey with a lifetime’s experience in the racing world, she works tirelessly to ensure that the retired racehorses in their care, like Xpo, have the best of everything, including total love, devotion, time and understanding, a key element of their ethos in the retraining of racehorses.

Xpo wins showing at Doncaster 22 Aug 2021
Xpo wins showing at Doncaster 22 Aug 21
Xpo at Aintree 28 Aug 2021
Xpo at Aintree Aug 2021
Xpo winning at Grantham Sept 2021
Xpo at Grantham Sept 2021 proudly showing off his first red sash!
Xpo at Grantham Sept 2021
Xpo winning at Grantham Sept 2021
Xpo at his new home Sept 2021
Xpo at Grantham Sept 2021

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